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Christina & Matthew — Minted




Wedding Party

Sarah Gilbert

Co Maid of Honour

Sarah and I have been friends since grade school. She is hilarious, caring, and so down to earth. Whether it be on the beaches of the Caribbean, or backpacking across Europe, we have made our fondest memories travelling the world together. Sarah is that friend you can share anything with and she will be by my side as my Co-Maid of Honour on our wedding day!

Ryan Mckenna

Best Man

My brother Ryan, who is also getting married in October (crazy, I know!) is going to be right beside me on our big day. Ryan has always been with me in the big moments of my life. Though our interests and our hobbies may differ, we always make time for each other and look forward to hanging out. Now we will be heading into the next chapter of our lives together, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Olivia Villalta

Co Maid of Honour

Olivia is a childhood friend. We went to Italian School together every Saturday growing up, attended High School then Uni together, and even travelled abroad. Olivia and I have lived together over the years, and we were even roommates as Matt and I reconnected. She is a driven, ambitious woman, and an even more amazing friend! Olivia is my Co-Maid of Honour, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Johnny Riesenkonig


Johnny is one of my best friends. Whether it be movie nights, or evenings spent playing cards, Johnny is the friend you can't get rid of, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Always the life of the party, he is a welcome addition to my groomsmen!

Chloé Beaudoin


I remember meeting Chloé as a child after she was born. I was so excited to have a little girl cousin (sorry Ben lol) and she holds a very special place in my heart! She has grown up to be an intelligent, beautiful, and compassionate woman. We have had so many fun adventures together and I am excited to have her with me as my Bridesmaid as I begin on my next one!

Kevin Gaines


Kevin and I worked at Stittsville McDonald's together while we were in high school and we immediately connected. Kevin left after a few years, only to be pulled back in by me again in our early 20s. Though we don't work together anymore, we still love to play ball hockey (Flying Hellfish = best dynasty ever) and just hang out. A man of few words, Kevin has a big heart and we are always there for each other, which is why I needed him with me on our big day.

Riley Mckenna


I first met Riley years ago when she was just Matt's little kid sister. However, it has been a pleasure getting to know her now as an adult. Riley has many talents and a passion for sustainability and social justice. This girl will make the world a better place one day, and I'll be lucky to call her my sister!

Bianca Villalta


Bianca has known me since I was just a kid! She is Olivia's older sister, and we have only grown closer as we have gotten older. Over the years we have made so many memories, and she has always been that friend there to support and encourage me! She is getting married herself in 2021, so it has been a blast planning a wedding alongside her.

Scott Golding


Scott is a brother of my wife-to-be. His friendly demeanour and shared passion for sports have made me feel part of the family... Even if he does cheer for the Habs! I always enjoy my conversations with Scott, whether we're talking about sports, stocks, the housing market, or whatever, he is both a joy to talk to and to spend time with.

Anthony Desloges


Anthony and I met at my first real job, bussing tables at an Italian restaurant in Stittsville. We stayed friends through High School and became even closer in University where we were both enrolled in the same program at UO. We've had so many great memories over the years as coworkers, classmates, and best friends. I am so happy to have Anthony in my party on our wedding day!

Curtis Golding


Curtis is another brother of my Bride. He and his family are always hosting us at their home for fun nights getting to know the Goldings. Curtis is also the father to a beautiful family; one I know Christina and I will look to for advice and expertise in years to come, as Curtis and his wife Faith raise their children in the challenges of today's modern world.

Claire & Violet Golding

Flower Girls

Claire and Violet are nieces of the Bride, and daughters of our groomsman Curtis. Christina is also Claire's Godmother. These girls live nearby to us in Stittsville so we enjoy getting to see their smiling faces and playing with them whenever we get the chance! Don't let these cuties trick you into getting them another piece of cake! ;)

Logan & Lyla Golding

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Logan and Lyla are brother and sister, and are children of the Bride's brother Trevor and wife Johanna. They will be moving back to the Ottawa area this year and it will be so much fun getting to know these two even better. Let's hope this dynamic duo doesn't steal the show! ;)

Marc Beaudoin


Marc is the Bride's uncle. Years ago Christina was flower girl at his wedding to her Aunt Carol-Ann, and now he will be officiating our ceremony! This will be Marc's first wedding as officiant, but we have the utmost confidence he will make ours a day to remember!

Jeremy Gardner

Master of Ceremonies

As a long-time friend of the groom, Jeremy has known both of us since we were first a couple many years ago. His knowledge of both of us, combined with his natural confidence and charisma make him a shoe-in for our Master of Ceremonies! Jeremy is a great friend, and we can't wait for him to host our reception. It should be a memorable night!