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Wedding Restrictions

Planning our wedding during this pandemic has been a challenge, with restrictions and rules constantly in flux. In saying this, we have been working with our venue to fully understand what our festivities will likely look like, based on the reopening plan from the Québec government. At the moment we have been advised the following:

Update as of October 19th:

-Vaccination requirements: upon arrival all guests will need to show proof that they have been double vaxed for a minimum for 2 weeks. Québec residents can show the VaxiCode app, while others can show printed proof of vaccination showing both doses and the date accompanied by a piece of photo ID.

-Guest count: 100 people, which is approx 50% of the capacity of our venue.

-For this reason we have had to make some difficult decisions and cut most children from our guest list, who we would have otherwise wanted with us on our special day.

-Indoor seating: Maximum of 10 people at any taable.

-Masking indoors: mandatory if not seated.

-Masking outdoors: not required.

-Dancing: At this time no guests are permitted to dance. However, there will still be a first dance, and father-daughter dance.

-Movement: While outside everyone will be allowed to move about freely, unmasked. Also, while inside, movement will now be permitted, though masks must be worn while not seated.

-Cocktail hour: Due to the loosening of restrictions, particularly with movement and masking, we will now be planning our cocktail hour outdoors, weather permitting. So, please remember to dress accordingly.

Regardless of these restrictions,, we know our wedding will still be an unforgettable night filled with amazing food, fun games, great music, and lots of love!

Stay Positive, Test Negative!